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Extroverted ceramic: art and visual language

Extroverted ceramic: art and visual language

The Extroverted ceramic

Extroverted ceramic is one of the most fascinating contemporary visual languages;  space is arranged in unusual dimensional solutions, composition, original for chromaticism and spatiality.

This technique allows aesthetic and stylistic research aimed at the perfection of shapes and chromatic choice; the geometric rigidity of the form unites the unlimited space.  

Feeling and reason, emotion and rationality come together in the same artistic form.

Monochromatic extroflections form a kind of dynamic cartography; the dunes, the circles, the stitches of color, tell a universe that lights; with shiny tones and pulsating matter, as if the clay revealed its ancestral breath.

Geometric constructions can be matched and set in shapes and colors by telling an abstract universe; as from a new alphabet of shapes that connect by showing all their vibrant energy.

Extroverted glossy Yellow – HILLS

Extroverted white polish – CIRCLES

Extroverted Glossy Blue – WAVES

The extroversion born art in the mid-sixties to the canvas, in this case GEM brought about ceramics.

Originally, the technique involved the creation on the spatial expansion on canvas that give the feeling of wanting to literally “go out from the canvas” through a play of light and shadows that gives the illusion of movement. A huge challenge transpose all this into the ceramic material, itself is synonymous with solidity  and stillness.

Yet in the liquid clay that goes into the mold is already the thrust of the movement that then the fire at 1,030 ° C crystallizes in new form: the biscuit. This is immersed in the liquid monochrome enamel, which is then retaken from heat to 960 ° C in its extreme brightness.

Expression of a vital equilibrium as a kind of “dynamic spasm” that swings depth and surface. A decisive and brilliant tone, as if to give a glowing, almost spiritual glimpse, is brilliantly matched with the essential and minimalist style of modern design. GEM takes care of all the craft work, from conception to birth of the tile in all its expressive power.  

As a result with our idea, art returns to craftsmanship and joins everyday life; on a wall lived and not in an aseptic museum.

Now beauty thus becomes an impulse that comes out of the created piece and abolishes the eyes of those who admire it even though living the everyday life.  An experiment that gives the light of 30×30 full color artifacts, which arise “single” but which can multiply joining for contrast or chromatic symbiosis; but multiplication is not infinite because the artisan’s heart, who has become an artist, feeds on limited numbers and a desire for authenticity.

His signature is not on paper, but its very “fiery footprints” where is more hidden the soul of extroverted ceramic.

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