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Extroverted ceramic “eccentric”

Extroverted ceramic “eccentric”

A new type of ceramic ejection


… .. eccentric means decentralized, but also daring, bizarre, imaginative, unpredictable, original, and this line of new ceramic protrusions, characterized by circles enclosed in one another without being concentric, certainly have their strong point in originality.

The tile is no longer 30×30, but becomes 50×50 and therefore also the difficulties of realization increase and the skill of the craftsman rises to the chair, the value of the object becomes the spearhead.

New elements can be added to the eccentric as to give life to a moving matter that is anything but inert; art in motion … and sensations aroused to the observer as in a metaphysical wave.

New colors, new glazes, new suggestions of color and shine.

Smaltature di test: cold yellow, apple green, lighting red

Shades, volumes, textures, shadows …. in one word: suggestions … that change points of view; this is the “dominant character” of eccentric!

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