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“Arte Image” Contemporary art competition SGL Byron Award 2018

“Arte Image” Contemporary art competition SGL Byron Award 2018


Terni – November 2018

Mario Segoloni participated with his ceramic extroflections in the Contemporary Art Competition “Arte Immagine”; this is how Dr. Boncompagni describes her artistic vein.

“Intense dialogic exchanges between daring perspectives, geometric shapes and colors.
Seriality and elementary shapes in a minimal art. Compositions characterized by
a precise, definitive, scientific rigor.
An elaborative and aesthetic process undertaken by Mario Segoloni, where
there is no limit, the boundary between what is real and what belongs to a pure
In his compositions the artist invites the observer to see beyond the appearance of
things to overcome barriers, false ideologies, prejudices, “the total without
for to say it to Malevich.
Extreme simplification of forms reduced to geometric masses where,
there is an absolute lack of relationship with reality, with nature.
An absolute negation of everything where, however, the artist, with his sensitivity and
deep intellectualism, invites all of us to connect the essence.


And, as Josha J. Marine put it, “challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what gives it meaning.”
This is the profound message that Segoloni Mario defines his aesthetic.”



Dott.ssa Francesca Boncompagni
art critic and historian


Overview taken from the Terni exhibition:
particularly suggestive the setting up of the works and the effect of the lights



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