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Photogallery – Compositions

Photogallery – Compositions

Composition and versatility

The versatility of the “art tile” in ceramic extroflesso is revealed in the composition of infinite combinations of shape and color; single pieces can create original motifs, if composed to form geometric figures and color combinations.

The gallery below shows some possibilities; the Colline series and the Wave series form, if composed together in a upper square , a further geometric design.

This characterizes the perfection and refinement of the motif and chromatism.

Emerald – pure black with hills motif


 Absolute white – lemon yellow with hills motif


 Absolute white – pure neo with hills motif


 Red – absolute white with hills motif


 Pure black – yellow with hills pattern

 Absolute white – pure black with wave pattern

 Pure black, absolute white, lemon yellow; explosions of contrasts in the subject hills

 Red, absolute white, pure black – extreme brilliance even in a positioning that appears almost random (subject hills)


 The four colors (light blue, absolute white, midnight blue, lemon yellow) form a unitary geometric subject starting from the single hills

 The four colors combined according to personal taste, form a unitary geometric subject starting from the single wave


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