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Phtogallery – tiles

Phtogallery – tiles

Art Tiles

The extroflexed ceramic tiles in its color variations; the 30×30 tiles can be used “single” or mixed in a sort of artistic puzzle at the complete discretion of the personality and characteristics of the place in which are placed.


CELESTE series ceramic extroflex

subject Hills and subject Waves.

The color and brilliance of the turquoise give the sensation of the sea surface rippled by the wind


ABSOLUTE WHITE series ceramic extroflex

Subject Waves < span style = “line-height: 26.56px; font-size: 1rem;”> e Colline

The perfect white enamel in all its expressive power



Ceramic extroflex series BLUE NIGHT

subject Waves and subject Hills .

The dark and shiny enamel, as deep as the night





YELLOW series ceramic extroflex

subject Waves and subject Hills .The warm shade of yellow

LEMON YELLOW ceramic extroflex

subject Waves and subject Hills .

The cold shade of yellow


Ceramic extroflex series PURE BLACK

subject Waves and subject Hills .

In chromatic contrast with white the power of color-non-color

RED / DARK RED series ceramic extroflex

red in the subjects Waves and Colline; l dark toned only in the subject Waves .

The powerful and eye-catching tones


Ceramic extroflesso GREEN EMERALD series

In the subjects Waves and Hills; Shining like a precious stone


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