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Refined installations and settings: the power of extroverted

Refined installations and settings: the power of extroverted

New installations and contextualizations of the “Tile of Art” – Design settings

In the following photos, the unique works of estroflessoceramico are expressed in all their elegant splendor in a setting of modern and captivating design.
The piece with the greatest expressive power is undoubtedly “eccentric”; its silvery lines seem to blend with those of the furniture, the strong color creates a sinuous contrast with the upholstery of the cushions, the overall view fully manifests its uniqueness and refinement.

As in an invisible aesthetic fil-rouge in the walls, the multicolored composition of four “circle” elements in 4 contrasting shades stands out and you can glimpse, as if following the infinite path of the circle, the “alpi” work, in all perfection pure black, perfect enamel and without inaccuracies where the light seems to dance to embellish the defined reliefs.

From the spiral staircase and within its iron structures you can see the works in perspective; not even metal can harness its perfection, on the contrary it is as if it strongly defined its style in a captivating contrast between the geometry of the shapes and the circularity of the lines.

Thanks to GQuadro design – Perugia for the precious collaboration

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