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Category: Art tile

From clay vortex…

Almost magic….. From the vortex of raw clay, from the precise knowledge of the working process and from the skill of the artist’s mind and hands, a unique object of great artistic value emerges from the whirlwind of liquid matter … the ceramic extroflection takes shape and life.  

Authentic tile

Each “Tile of art” a unique and authentic piece Each ceramic extroflesso work is accompanied by its certificate, a document that certifies and guarantees its authenticity and uniqueness ; the perfection of the glazing and the detail of the mold. Each piece is numbered and, on the back, the signature of the craftsman and the…
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Circular extroflexions

Extruded ceramic tile in circular shapes With the same extroflexion technique, new unique pieces on a circular mold were created with ripples that recall the profile of a mountain range observed from the other. Circular extroflexion – “Alps” with enamel Warm yellow, Absolute white, Fire red The artist’s imagination and the skill of the expert…
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Extroverted ceramic “eccentric”

A new type of ceramic ejection Eccentric…. … .. eccentric means decentralized, but also daring, bizarre, imaginative, unpredictable, original, and this line of new ceramic protrusions, characterized by circles enclosed in one another without being concentric, certainly have their strong point in originality. The tile is no longer 30×30, but becomes 50×50 and therefore also…
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Extroverted and Abstract Works

Abstract extroflexions The art tile can also lend itself to the creation of abstract works, unique and unrepeatable color combinations, like a butterfly that is born from the fire cocoon of the shiny enamel. Combinations of colors that arise simply from the inspiration of the moment; any observer can interpret them as his imagination leads…
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Extroverted ceramic: art and visual language

The Extroverted ceramic Extroverted ceramic is one of the most fascinating contemporary visual languages;  space is arranged in unusual dimensional solutions, composition, original for chromaticism and spatiality. This technique allows aesthetic and stylistic research aimed at the perfection of shapes and chromatic choice; the geometric rigidity of the form unites the unlimited space.   Feeling and…
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