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Category: Gallery

Photogallery – details

Ceramic extroflex: preciousness in the details In the following images you can see details and contrasts that make the ceramic extroflex unique of its kind; contrasts of color, details of shapes, make the “tile” object a true work of art. Waves in light blue The craftsman’s signature: cast by fire and enamelling. As one with…
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Photogallery – Compositions

Composition and versatility The versatility of the “art tile” in ceramic extroflesso is revealed in the composition of infinite combinations of shape and color; single pieces can create original motifs, if composed to form geometric figures and color combinations. The gallery below shows some possibilities; the Colline series and the Wave series form, if composed…
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Photogallery: subject Circles

Ceramic extroflexion with Circles subject Artistic tiles with purity of form and glazing for the creation of combinations of absolute value and harmonic intensity   the subject Circle in bright color and strong chromatic contrast on the back of the tile shows all the power of the extroflexion The various pieces can be combined or…
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Phtogallery – tiles

Art Tiles The extroflexed ceramic tiles in its color variations; the 30×30 tiles can be used “single” or mixed in a sort of artistic puzzle at the complete discretion of the personality and characteristics of the place in which are placed.   CELESTE series ceramic extroflex subject Hills and subject Waves. The color and brilliance of the turquoise give the sensation…
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