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Artistic research laboratory

Artistic research in ceramics Estroflesso is not only a creation dictated by the imagination and shaped by the wise expertise of the ceramic artisan, but also, and above all, a search for beauty; a true artistic research laboratory which has ceramics as its “instrument”. Thus the ceramic work becomes a piece of design, a furnishing…
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Extroflection and sculpture

Extroflexed Sculpture The extroflexione technique is rather versatile even if it seems to be tied up in defined rules. In this case it is certainly the artist’s experience and creative flair that create the value and the ‘uniqueness of the forms . The creation of everted sculptures is a very interesting variant of the ceramic…
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“Arte Image” Contemporary art competition SGL Byron Award 2018

  Terni – November 2018 Mario Segoloni participated with his ceramic extroflections in the Contemporary Art Competition “Arte Immagine”; this is how Dr. Boncompagni describes her artistic vein. “Intense dialogic exchanges between daring perspectives, geometric shapes and colors. Seriality and elementary shapes in a minimal art. Compositions characterized by a precise, definitive, scientific rigor. An…
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Extroverted in Venice

Biennial of Contemporary Art at Palazzo Zenobio – Venice Some “ceramic extroflections” guests in the splendid setting of Palazzo Zenobio at the prestigious exhibition of contemporary Venetian art. An evocative and unusual setting for all the shining harmony that characterizes the ceramic protrusions. … until 23 August 2019   “Exhibition in Venice. Honored to be…
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