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Creations by Mario Segoloni: The Gallery


Original creations

Extroflection literally means “folding outwards”; the transposition of the extroflexion technique to ceramics stems from an original idea and from the extreme expertise of Mario Segoloni,

Mario Segoloni was born in 1961; for over 30 years he has been on the international market as a ceramic craftsman with his semi-finished product. His company GEM – semi-finished products – based in Deruta is specialized in the artisan manufacturing process of the ceramic biscuit.

The semi-finished product is an extremely versatile product and therefore lends itself to be treated like the pictorial canvas; to it it is possible to apply techniques similar to painting and sculpture; It is precisely from this axiom that the idea of applying the extroflexion technique to the ceramic semi-finished product was born.

Fine artisan product

From here it is a very short step to transform a handcrafted product of great value into a design element: as a pictorial canvas, the clay is transformed into an ejection between the skilled hands of the master craftsman. The original expressive form is manifested in the perfect and brilliant enamelling; each tile is a single work, but it can become a piece of a more complex puzzle; each piece is unique and unreproducible for this created in a limited series where each element still retains its unrepeatable uniqueness.

That of Mario Segoloni’s ceramic extroverted thus becomes a real contemporary visual language and from here it draws its charm: the space is organized in unusual dimensional solutions, compositional, original in terms of color and spatiality. The technique itself allows for an aesthetic and stylistic research aimed at the perfection of shapes and chromatic choice: the geometric rigor of the shape is combined with the unlimitedness of space. Sentiment and reason, emotion and rationality coexist in the artistic form; this is how the master craftsman, who became an artist, is able to draw inspiration from a landscape (the hills of the Umbrian countryside for the “hills” series or the ripples of the sea on a clear spring day in the “waves” series) and transfuse his mood using perfect monochromatic glazes of pure and bright colors until the monochromatic extroversions form a sort of dynamic cartography; the curves, the color stitching, tell of a universe that lights up with bright tones, of pulsating matter, as if clay were revealing its ancestral breath.

Introspection and originality

In this introspective work, the ceramic artist produces not only the object, but the soul of the ceramic extroflex.

Each piece is unique, but can be used alone as a furnishing accessory, but also used in combination with other elements of the series to create original colors that embellish environments giving that touch of uniqueness and color that can make it exclusive, personal and unrepeatable.

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