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Hills and Waves: Gallery

Colline Series – Hills


Inspired by the Umbrian hills, splendid and perfect in enamelling, as if to symbolize fire and speed at the same time, Rosso Fuoco lends itself to being placed in modern environments, but with warm and welcoming atmospheres. Together with the other colors of the same subject it can be used to create a harmony of shapes that goes beyond the simple decorative object.


Black as color, or as “non-color” as a vortex that absorbs all shades and transforms them into oblivion. Object that turns into emotion and inner state; much more than a painting: a flash of infinity. All the originality of the processing of the everted ceramic.


In this piece, the light plays the leading role; the colors are as if canceled by the brightness of the glazing. A piece that can become a design element, giving the environment where it is placed its light and giving it a different and original connotation.


A blue hill; almost a metaphysical and cold object in its cobalt color, almost stone from another planet, perhaps a fragment of the celestial vault. A refined and light design element, despite its clay nature, it enriches the environment where it is found with its extreme elegance alone or combined with other related elements of the series.


Although green is the “natural” color of the “hills” subject, let us not be fooled; green has a bright and dark hue at the same time, the hill borders once again into the metaphysical, as if to transport us to the horizons of another planet. Far away, but similar to our horizon.


A flower that transports us towards a less decisive shade of fiery red, more delicate and harmonious; this lends itself to being a piece of union of the other colors, due to its versatility it is suitable for both modern and rustic settings … the task of grasping its harmonious essence for those who look at it; which hill precisely where the green disappears to give way to the blossoming of the empathic flower.


Where green gives way to blue, the lawn is dressed in the sky and the horizon merges into one. Power of the extroflexion technique that transforms one environment into another without distorting the essence of the form …. earth, sky or water? To you the choice!


A warm color like the sun’s rays that caress the Umbrian hills that inspire the subject and in the caress the ray illuminates and steals its shape. The subject lends itself to being associated with its double “cold”, lemon yellow, to create chiaroscuro effects that make the environment original.


The cold alter-ego of yellow softens its tone, as if to break its balance, but it is no less suggestive for this; after all, it is the play of contrasts that reigns supreme and the extroflexion is a contrast in itself between warm and cold tones, perfectly harmonious glazes and sharp edges.

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Each subject in the series is produced in a LIMITED SERIES

from 1 to 300 – NUMBERED and complete with CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

Waves Series – Waves


A “black sea”, to quote a famous song, which by contrast still evokes the sunlight of which it absorbs the rays and the power. Original and by no means obvious furnishing accessory gives the environment a touch of elegance; undoubtedly suitable for modern and square lines.


What better shade to represent the deep blue of the sea? And this extremely versatile piece; of the whole series is perhaps the one that lends itself to a wider range of settings, as a single or in combination with other subjects as a piece of a dynamic puzzle.


And there is still the sea in green color; powerful and crystalline like an emerald, bright and deep. Waves that hide a secret, or perhaps keep it; knowing what the artist’s first thought was when creating this piece is not up to us, it is certain that this color reveals all its modern expressive power.


From blue to green to reach heavenly; the sea becomes sky and merges with it in a solution of continuity. The three subjects are combinable and interchangeable to form a modern chromatic scale of extreme refinement that makes the environment that hosts them unique.


And finally white, as in a crescendo of light, all colors cancel each other out; it is the piece where the enamel and the perfection of the form are the masters, probably the most versatile piece of the series alone or in combination.


Yellow is the symbolic color of light, but also of willpower, the sun inspires its strength; the extroflexion creates a wave of positivity. What can be found better than a similar subject to make an environment welcoming and predisposed to optimism and positivity?


If yellow is too demanding, it is better to alternate it with its colder twin: lemon yellow. Imagining to create the surface of a celestial body that is vital and pulsating, it is possible to create an extremely original setting.


Energy wave; color of passion, but also of anger. Challenging and decisive color that in this particular subject allows you to fully appreciate the enamelling and the details of the shape.


A less decisive shade than pure red lends itself to being used individually in environments characterized by warm tones or in combination with the latter to create a very refined and elegant chiaroscuro effect, highlighting the “waves” subject even more.

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Each subject in the series is produced in a LIMITED SERIES

from 1 to 300 – NUMBERED and complete with CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

Combinations of elements: Puzzles and Matches


Composition of 4 subjects in the “hills” model, diagonal contrast of strength and brilliance. On the one hand, the warm tones dominated by red and yellow warm the environment; on the other, white and blue with the characteristic tones of water and ice. Absolute balance and perfection of shiny glazes. A versatile combination that at the same time enhances a refined design.


Waves: sea and land, light and dark. Four dynamic elements represent static elements and at the same time in continuous evolution; linked to the wave of time that passes, source, and constant renewal of life.

An auspicious combination for the environment that hosts it, a harmonic elegance that goes beyond pure artistic expression.


Strength and passion in the colors that make up fire, and fire is nothing more than the ultimate architect of extroflection, the heat that fixes its color and defines its brightness. Not a single piece but infinite combinations of power and dynamism


Angels and Demons withdraw into the land of the hills, like sides of the same coin; in the eternal struggle between good and evil, a combination that recalls Eastern philosophies as opposing energies of Yin and Yang. Expressive language without words but imbued with mystical connotations and cultural cosmopolitanism.