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Extroverted ceramic: about us

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When Luxury becomes art…and Art becomes furniture


New precious enamels underline even more decisively the expressive power of everted.

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About us – just two words on extroverted ceramich

Estroflessione e Ceramica

The transposition of the extroflexione technique on ceramics comes from the extreme skill of Mario Segoloni, (owner of GEM – prodotti semilavorati in ceramica).

The company has been on the international market for 30 years with its semi-finished product, in the artisan manufacturing process of the ceramic biscuit.

The semi-finished product is an extremely versatile product and therefore lends itself to be treated like the pictorial canvas; to it it is possible to apply techniques similar to painting and sculpture.

Mario Segoloni, in addition to the ceramic extroflex, in his laboratory also conducts an experimentation for the reproduction of works on ceramic tiles.

From the idea that arises in the mind from the artistic vein to the handmade creation of the product. As a pictorial canvas, the clay is transformed into an ejection between the skilled hands of the craftsman.

The product shows all its expressive form in the perfect and brilliant enamelling; each tile is a single work, but it can become a piece of a more complex puzzle that becomes a design element.

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